On Thorns I Lay

on thorns i lay
October 13, 2023
On Thorns I Lay
Season of Mist
Producer: Recorded 2022 at Devasoundz Studios, Athens Mixed By Fotis Benardo. Mastered by Goerge Nerantzis

‘On Thorns I Lay’ pushes death-doom to new heights, casting a newborn Gothic glow over muscular riffs and cavernous vocals hearkening back to the halcyon days of early ‘90s Peaceville death-doom.


1. Fallen From Grace (8:07)
2. Newborn Skies (4:44)
3. Crestfallen
4. Among The Wolves
5. Raise Empires
6. Thorns Of Fire


Peter Miliadis – Vocals (Dimlight, ex-Slaveatgod)
Christos Dragamestianos – Guitars
Nikolas Paraskevopoulos – Guitars (Dimlight, Yoth Iria)
Kostas Mexis – Bass (Aetherian, ex-Black Path)
Antonis Ventouris – Keyboards
Stelios Darakis – Drums (Dexter Ward, ex-Sacred Outcry, The Eternal Suffering, ex-Mortal Torment, ex-Lloth)

Fanny Melfi – Fallen From Grace
Labros Kiklis – Fallen From Grace
Stavros Papagiannakopoulos – Thorns Of Fire, Crestfallen
Ilias Mantikos – Thorns Of Fire
Katerina Tzitzou – Fallen From Grace
Irina Dimaki – Fallen From Grace
Anna Thana – Fallen From Grace
Aris Karatzas – Crestfallen, Newborn Skies, Raise Empires, Among The Wolves

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